Remove write-protection from psp memory

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Remove write-protection from psp memory

i want to remove the write-protection from my psp memory stick, tried every possible thing i found by searching google but nothing happening. If someone has done it please share your way. thanks

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Disable write-protection lock in PSP

In PSP to disable the write protection lock all you have to do it navigate to recovery menu and then go to configuration, then in XMB usb device select your  memory stick and save it. This worked for me, hope works for you as well.



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How to unlock PSP memory

 Connect your psp stick with card reader into windows pc and do the following:

Start Menu -> Run -> cmd (Open Command Prompt) -> rmformat -w disable device-name (Run this command with proper device-name, which should be drive of your memory stick eg K:)

To verify if the write protection is disable run this command: rmformat -p device-name

good luck