How to Fly in Skyrim?

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How to Fly in Skyrim?

Is there any way to fly in Skyrim? Sometimes i just imagine to capture any dragon and have a ride on it, that will be a true dragonborn act, isn't it? Any mod? or cheat or command to make us fly in skyrim?

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Flying mod for skyrim

It's fact that you can not fly the dragons in skyrim. I'll say get the creation kit and make something flying for you. If you make something awesom, do share it ;) 

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Flying over Skyrim as a Dragon

You can't fly on dragons but you can fly as a dragon. See this video

Flying around Skyrim at various times as a Dragon!

To do this, press the "~" key and type "TC" after selecting an NPC, such as Dragons or Giants, etc.
NOTE: The dragon must land to gain control, Dragon Breath is involuntary!